CEE Investors Pick Potential Winners In a Post-Covid World

August 27, 2020 12:56 / Media Coverage

The central and eastern European companies and trends that investors think could thrive in the new global landscape.

CEE investors pick potential winners in a post-Covid world | Sifted

Which central and eastern Europe startups do VC investors think could thrive in the new global landscape? And which trends are taking off?


Deep Tech Seed Fundraising Advice from LAUNCHub, Fly.VC & SpeedInvest

May 14, 2020 18:40 / Media Coverage

Silicon Roundabout hosted a virtual Meetup where we discussed the current fundraising environment for deep tech startups with Fly.VC, SpeedInvest and other European VCs

Deep Tech Seed Fundraising during COVID… and beyond

Last Tuesday, at Silicon Roundabout, we hosted our 1st Virtual Meetup — with our venture team, Fly. Venture and other European VCs…


What's Next for LAUNCHub Ventures

December 19, 2019 10:41 / Media Coverage

After five exits, LAUNCHub is now raising a next fund aimed at filling another regional VC gap. What is it all about and do LAUNCHub’s partners know something about the ecosystem that others don’t?

Stephane Gantchev: We Don't Need B Or C Series VCs In Eastern Europe. There Are Not Enough Late Seed And Pre-Series A Funds  - Trending Topics: Innovation Stories From SEE

After at least a year of total silence from one of the […]

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